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4 Moves Every Man Has to Make

by Culture Team
31 Jul 2017 | 2:10 PM

What comes to your mind when you hear the word "moves?" Dancing motions? Perhaps different ways to catch your crush's attention, or even the game of chess-among other things. But have you ever thought that there are moves that can change a person's life? Below are life-changing moves that every man has to make.

1. Be your own boss

Putting up your own business is an accomplishment because it's something that you can be fully proud of. However, it is also a huge responsibility. It would entail a lot of hard work, patience, determination, dedication, and passion to run your own company. Not only that, you must also learn how to lead people and know how to deal with business-related problems.

What you can do: If you wish to put up your own business, go for it! There's no harm in trying, but keep in mind that you should be ready for the challenges you're going to face. Feed your brain with the necessary knowledge on running a business by reading books on business management, marketing, advertising, and organizational communication. Doing so will help you acquaint yourself in your new venture.

2. Live on your own

Living with your parents as a single man is still customary here in the Philippines, so moving into your own place is still considerably a big deal. You would need to learn how to do things alone, like cooking your own meals, doing your laundry, paying your bills, and other responsibilities.

What you can do: Anticipate that it would be difficult in the beginning. Remember that the struggles would be the very same things that would teach you how to be independent soon enough.

3. Look for a new job

When you're no longer happy at your current workplace, it's okay to leave and find a new job. This is definitely a big move-one that needs considerable time before making a decision-but if you believe that changing jobs will lead you to more opportunities to grow someplace else, then you must do it.

What you can do: Before you hand in your resignation letter, ask yourself first why you want to resign. Is the work load too much? Are you having a difficult time commuting to and from the office? Are you not getting along with your officemates? Do you feel that your career is not progressing? Maybe you're just stressed and in need of a break. Give yourself enough time to think about your work situation before making a decision.

4. Talk to the girl you like

This move needs guts, confidence, swag, and a positive outlook. While talking to girls can be nerve-wracking, it's something that every guy must learn to do. Yes, you may feel awkward and shy at first, but you will get better at it eventually. The upside of talking to the girl you like? She will know that someone wonderful like you exists! If you're gathering up the courage to talk to your office crush, remember this: just be yourself.

What you can do: Bro, if you show her the real you, she just might like you back. Don't forget to prepare an interesting topic to talk about like the last movie she watched, her favorite book, the type of music she likes to listen to, restaurant recommendations, and the list goes on. Lastly, make sure to brush your teeth, style your hair, apply deodorant (so you won't get underarm stains when you stress sweat!), and spritz on a fresh scent-all these to draw her more to you.