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4 Definitions of Gwapo that Every Woman Looks For

by Style Team
31 Jul 2017 | 2:10 PM

How does one define gwapo? Let's try one definition.

gwapo (adj.)

A guy who has expressive eyes, flawless skin, a smile worthy of a toothpaste commercial feature, killer abs, swoon-worthy voice, and has great sense of style.

For some women, all these may be true, but others may find a guy's personality gwapo in their eyes, too. So we came up with a list of definitions based on the top qualities that women like in a guy. Read on and find out if you fit in any of the definitions below!

1. The Gentleman Gwapo

This guy will offer to carry a girl's things, drive her home, and open doors for her. He is also polite, respectful, and accepts the girl for who she is. He never fails to show concern to those that matter to him. When he's out on a date, he would ask the girl how she's doing from time to time in order to make sure that she is all right. This gentleman is the kind of guy that parents everywhere want for their daughters!

2. The Funny Gwapo

His witty jokes, silly antics, comical facial expressions, and laugh out loud hirits capture women by the heart. The funny gwapo's positive energy pushes a girl's worries and fears away, so they feel that everything will be okay whenever they are with him. A guy with a good sense of humor earns pogi points because they have the power to instantly bring laughter into a room.

Now, how can ladies know that a guy is legit funny? One, he's naturally animated when he speaks, and two, when his jokes don't sound pilit.

3. The Smart Gwapo

People typically envision smart guys to be geeky; wears glasses, loves to play video games, enjoys reading science fiction or fantasy novels, and is a preppy dresser. While these qualities are apparent in some guys, others possess other traits. There are guys who don't wear glasses, but are sci-fi geeks and hardcore gamers. There are also guys who just really like to wear sweaters, chinos, and sneakers.

Is being geeky the only identity of smart guys? Nope. They are articulate, profound, sensible, and well-read. Women won't have a hard time hanging out with a smart guy because they'll never run out of things to talk about. 

One more thing about the smart gwapo: he cares about how he looks. He understands the importance of grooming and makes it a point to always brush his teeth, trim his nails, wash his hair, and cleanse his face with a deep cleanser to control oil and fight pimples. He's smart enough to know that soap alone on the face just isn't enough.

4. The Kindhearted Gwapo

This is the guy that most girls fall for. When women see that a guy is thoughtful, compassionate, and helpful towards others, they'd be automatically included in their list of favorite people. Why? Because a guy who cares simply means that he is someone who loves with all his heart. 'Nuff said.