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3 Situations That Redefine Masculine Strength

by Culture Team
31 Jul 2017 | 2:10 PM

Strength and masculinity are concepts that have long been established to come hand-in-hand. This common understanding is based on the fact that men are physically stronger than women, therefore, men must be able to provide for women's needs and offer them the security and protection that they need.

Now, we're not here to say that these things are wrong or completely untrue. It's just that times are a'changing, and we have come to find a deeper meaning behind masculinity and strength-one that the modern man and woman alike need to learn more about.

Below are 3 situations that challenge our notions of strength and redefine what it takes to "be a man." Read up and see how you measure up.

1. When you take care of your body

We're not just talking about pumping iron and building muscles. More than having an impressive physique, a healthy and well-performing body shows you what it's like to be truly strong on the inside and out. Eat clean, break free from your vices, and take personal hygiene seriously. Even afflictions of the hair and skin can affect the overall functioning of your body so it's important to find a shampoo, soap, and deo combo that can fortify and strengthen them.

The discipline and self-control it takes to achieve and maintain a healthy lifestyle also indicate an unparalleled mental fortitude which leads to holistic strength and well-being-the ultimate goal for the real man.

2. When you express your emotions

It takes a special kind of courage and strength to step away from the norm of the stoic, unaffected man. To be able to unabashedly express your feelings empowers not only you, but also the people you love. It strengthens your bond and lets them know that you care-and that it's perfectly okay to care.

Letting the laughter, tears, and fear out helps keep you mentally and emotionally healthy as well, thus, assuring that you can provide a firm and steady support whenever they may need it.

3. When you know how to acknowledge other people's strength

There is a power in knowing what you can do and where you are lacking. A real man is not boastful, but he does not underestimate himself either. He is able to take joy and pride in the accomplishments of the people he loves.

He is mature enough to understand that his wife's personal triumphs do not take away from his own, but serves to complement it. He is able to celebrate a brother's newfound career success because he is secure in his own faculties and he knows that the stronger the people around him get, the stronger he becomes as well with their help; because strength is not something that one gains when another loses. Real strength then is something that is fostered and can be built together.