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2 Things That Can Influence Your Career Decisions

by Money Team
31 Jul 2017 | 2:10 PM

Always worrying about what you really want in your life? You're young, responsible, healthy, and good looking. But there's one thing that always crosses your mind: you're still unemployed.

Most of your college friends are climbing the corporate ladder in a fast pace. Whenever you check your Facebook and Instagram, you notice their "feeling blessed" statuses, photos of lunch meetings or perhaps posts about the perks they receive in their jobs. Seeing them seemingly happy and content makes you realize that you're stuck in a rut and can't get up.

Today's job market is highly competitive. This we know. But, what often goes unsaid is that it's also competitive between friends. The desire to one-up your peers is real, and you are not alone. So what do you think you should do when you don't have a job and feeling down?


Job-hunting is tedious and time-consuming. If you've been searching for months now, it's pretty understandable if you often feel you just want to drink beer all night and call it quits. Maybe you're having trouble deciding a career path because you don't know what you want.

Many Filipinos are not satisfied with their current careers. Either because they follow their parents' wishes or they know what they want, but think it's not okay. Most of the time, people based their career choices merely on salaries or compensation. But does taking a job based on these criteria helps you succeed?

The world of work is a complex one. Here's how you can ensure you will love your career decision.

Educational Background  

When you think about career choices, several factors will influence your decision. One of them is the education required. If you earned a bachelor's degree in engineering, political science or journalism, the first thing that will come to your mind is to choose a job in line with your course. After all, the subjects and skills you have learned will help you in your future occupation.

People who are good at mathematics can be an accountant or an internal auditor. Those who write and speak well, on the other hand, can be a researcher, a news writer, an editor, a marketing assistant or a call center agent. To land a certain career, it's best if you will start evaluating your skills.


What are the things you value most? If you want to pursue a career, make sure you're setting yourself up for happiness. Choose a job that you will love and never get tired of doing. Look for a career that will put your greatest talents to good use. Do something that will make you feel content and excited every time, whether it will make you rich or not.

Say you really like the business world or a client-facing work, you can easily adapt, survive, and thrive in doing sales. All you should have is self-confidence and excellent communication skills. Surround yourself with like-minded people, learn to listen, take care of your body, and practice good hygiene. Pond's Men facial products, self-esteem, and healthy habits are the some of the secret ingredients for long-term career satisfaction.  

Being unemployed doesn't mean you don't have the knowledge, skills, and abilities. Sometimes, it boils down to having the right career choices. If you'll decide to pursue a job, you look at the things you love and do well.