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If there's anything a man won't do, it is to admit that he's clueless about something. It's genetically hardwired for men to always be in the loop. Therein lies the rub: Which loop do you want to be inside of? Facebook and Twitter have made everything instantaneous, but not exactly focused on your immediate needs. How can you filter the entirety of the web to find what works for you?  Magazines have always tried to cater to the total man, but are themselves trying to adapt to the sheer speed and variety the web can provide. There's just too much information to sift through that any game you can glean from your buddy's FB wall or your favorite rock star's Twitter feed seems lacking, if not entirely confusing and haphazard.


Since men are about as enthusiastic about sharing their secrets to grooming and wooing as getting boyzilian waxes on a weekly basis, good help is hard to find. YouTube clips of The World's Most Interesting Man and Funny or Die jokes can only take you so far when it comes to striking women up for conversations. Trying to adapt The Cool Hunter's style to our climate and lifestyle is impractical and is the sort of thing that screams, “Look at me! I'm the world's largest douchebag!" or “Look at me! I moonlight as a kid's art class color wheel!"


This is where we have the ultimate insider tip for you: bookmark www.manifesto.com.ph on your favorite web browser. Now.


MANIFESTO is the Gentleman's Guide to Manliness. It was specifically made to save any man from drowning in a sea of links and SPAM that will drain time away from what's really important to men: going out on the town, owning the best gear, meeting people, and getting the girl—all while navigating the waters with the ease and comfort of a salty old sea captain (while looking infinitely more stylish and sexy).

We've culled the best the web and the publishing world have to offer all things men. With widely read and authoritative netizens on call, MANIFESTO has formed a roster that truly makes the site a goldmine of tips and information for taking YOU to the next level. Technology is an integral part of how we live life, so we've also made the site smarter and fully customizable to help you keep up-to-the-minute on the latest trends in lifestyle/culture, sports, tech, women, style, and money. It's an online, socially-connected community where game recognizes game, is on call 24/7, and is easily accessible at the palm of your hand, the touch of a screen, or a click of the mouse.


Think of MANIFESTO as new portal to an even better you. It's the brother you've never had; helping you stand out in a sea of mediocre men so you can face anything with the cool confidence of someone with ice water in his veins and the hot girl everyone wants wrapped around his arm. Take the keys to the VIP for yourself. Head on over to www.manifesto.com.ph and get to be the man you want to be.