Why You Should Start Wearing a Fragrance

Why You Should Start Wearing a Fragrance

Why You Should Start Wearing a Fragrance

by Style Team
19 Dec 2016 | 03:12 PM


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Picture this: You’ve come of age – graduated, gotten your foot in the door for that job everyone else was after, figured out your rhythm, and earned yourself some confidence. You’ve got it together.
The modern self-made man isn’t just some guy who’s comfortable in his own shoes. He’s multi-layered. He tries a lot of things, has an interesting history behind him, and isn’t afraid to grow. Grow up, grow older, and boldly extend his reach beyond his comfort zone.
Growth, essentially, is acknowledging the layers that define you and knowing it’s in your power to shape your skin. It’s recognizing that you can control how you perceive yourself and how others perceive you because you know exactly who you are and where you want to be.
Men shape themselves visually, for the most part. Today’s tech-obsessed world has us constantly streaming through video and photos 24/7. Part of that lifestyle involves getting physically fit, layering on the clothes that fit your persona, even setting up that profile shot to make sure you’ve got the look pat down.
But our multi-dimensional world offers so much more than the visual. And the man who’s truly come of age and has gone even beyond plain sight considers all the senses as well. He cultivates a palate for culinary experiences. He fine-tunes his musical tastes. He becomes more sensitive to texture, whether it’s the upholstery of his car or the tiles he’s fitting out for his brand new home.
Scent is another element that grows more important with age. The modern man goes beyond “smelling clean” and hygiene (that’s for the adolescent years, after all). He considers scent as just another layer to his wardrobe—something that sets him apart, defines him in any way he deems appropriate, and something that becomes tied to the identity he wants to create.

Vanity has become much more acceptable to both men and women these days, and a man who develops a well-appointed grooming regimen is no longer considered vain. Instead, his capacity to take time out for self-care is commended. Fragrance and sensitivity to scents is part of this self-care routine. It’s one step to add to the regimen that ensures you that you’re looking after yourself.
With so many hours devoted to career, leisure, social life, and family, having that one extra step to affirm that you do look after yourself is more than acceptable, it’s recommended.
Coming of Age
For someone who’s run through the gamut of life experience, fragrance is no longer the thing your mother hands to you, that bottle of questionable scent you pour all over yourself to get ready for your high school prom. It’s become a dab or two on the neck, a compliment from your wife, a familiar sense of home for the kids, and even a signal to yourself that it’s time to shape up and get your act together. Whether it be an indulgent whiff of chocolate or refreshing notes of citrus or musk, wearing a scent is a mood lifter, a confidence booster, and most of all, a game changer.
Fragrance stands for all these and only a truly multi-dimensional man can sniff out the subtle astuteness that spritzing on your signature scent can bring to your life.



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