What’s a hot bod without a cool hair style, bro?

What’s a hot bod without a cool hair style, bro?

What’s a hot bod without a cool hair style, bro?

by Style Team
17 Apr 2017 | 07:04 PM


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The onset of summer drives a lot of men to the gym, eager to get in some final reps to perfect their beach bods. At the same time, it also leads many to their barber’s chairs, eager to freshen up their manes, already wilting from the summer heat.
But form balances with function when it comes to hair; otherwise we’d all be rocking two by fours. So if securing a new hairdo sounds like your summer agenda, we suggest going for these hairstyles that will go well whether you’re in the gym, office, or beach.
1. The buzzcut
An unusual choice, but the daring few who go for a buzzcut will be reaping the benefits of—literally—the coolest haircut available for working out. But don’t think this ‘do is all about utility. If you’ve been working out, a buzzcut perfectly complements a bulked up frame. You can even grow your beard out for a manly look that women will find irresistible.
2. The pompadour fade
Unlike its close relative, the brush-up, the necessity of applying copious amounts of pomade to the pompadour means that this extremely hardy hairstyle won’t get messed up even during the most intense gym sessions. The pompadour requires a little more maintenance, especially after a post-workout shower, but take care of your trendy ‘do and it will take very good care of you.
3. The side part
The classic “good guy” hair has been overshadowed by trendier looks lately, but it’s a style that will never, ever be unfashionable. It doesn’t require gobs of product for upkeep, and it’s also quick and easy to style in place for some after-workout socialization. If you’re after the low-maintenance but classic look, the timeless side part is for you.


4. The man bun
Reluctant to part with your locks that you’ve been lovingly growing for so long? Skip the shears and tie them up. The secret to pulling off the man bun is having appropriately long hair. There are no shortcuts here, but the payoff for your patience? The stray strands of a man bun look great during a kinetic gym session. The key is keeping it healthy and clean. Make sure to keep it fresh and dandruff-free all day, and the ladies will love it too.
5. The long undercut
The trendy ‘do of the moment is the long, grown out undercut. No, you can’t cheat by simply growing out a regular undercut, because an interim trim is required to keep things proportional on the side and the top. The long undercut’s strength is that its artfully disheveled nature is perfect for pulling off a perfect “athleisure” look. 


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