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Status: Making A New Relationship Work

by Women Team
31 Jul 2017 | 2:10 PM

Entering a new relationship is usually full of mixed emotions. Enthralling, exciting, but equally anxiety-ridden and full of doubts. Most of us enter into a relationship hoping that we have found "the one" and are determined to make it work.

How do you ensure your new relationship gets off on the right foot and that you put maximum effort into making it work?

Here's our Manifesto Top 5 Tips to making love work:



1. Give Her Space

You're both madly in love. We get it. But don't devote all your time to her. Whether you're still in school or already forging a career, make sure to keep your priorites lined up along with your new relationship. The relationship should not distract you from your work, but instead reinvigorate you to work harder knowing you have someone who depends on you now!

Limit meet-ups to twice a week, so you can still spend some time with your barkada for those basketball sessions, and sufficient me-time for you to engage in your own hobbies. She'll respect you for giving her space, and respect you even more for knowing how to balance the important things in your life.

2. Go easy on the P.D.A.

We know you're excited to get things going, and cannot wait to show your girlfriend off to the world. However, please hold back on the P.D.A. (Public Display of Affection). Simple hand-holding is fine, but don't get heavy on the lip-locking in public. It's not cool - it makes people uncomfortable, and it's immature.

Instead, focus on looking into each other's eyes. Focus on spending quality time together. Appreciate her company, and engage in fun, deep and meaningful conversations that allow you both to get to know each other better. The more physical aspects of the relationship can be reserved for a more private setting, if you get what we mean.

3. Acknowledge the Honeymoon Period

The Honeymoon Period is easily the most exciting time of the relationship. You both can't stop thinking about each other, no one wants to put down the phone, and you feel like she's the one. We've all been through this phase, and unfortunately it's not going to last. The Honeymoon Period normally lasts for 6 months to a year, after which you will start to notice each other's flaws and maybe even start questioning certain aspects of the relationship.

Before that happens, though, acknowledge you're in the Honeymoon Period and enjoy it while it lasts. Fuel the passion, whisper sweet-nothings to her, and discover more about this wonderful lady. This will set a strong foundation for the rest of the relationship, and when it ends, you'll be in a much stronger position to make your love work.

4. Make Friends With Her Friends

Her friends will be the best teammates you can ever have. These friends know more about her than you-at least for now. Likewise, they have more influence on her than you-again, at least for now. So getting on their good side is highly important, as they'll back you up if things go awry.

Her friends can serve as a good source of information. They can tell you about her hobbies, her pet peeves, her dislikes, her eccentricties and how to handle them, etc. They can even give hints about what she's feeling in certain situations, so that you can plan your moves better.

Most importantly, she'll love you more for taking a keen interest in being involved in other aspects of her life. This way, she doesn't have to separate spending time with them from time with you, when she knows she you are perfectly capable of hanging out with them. Also, it never hurts to make a few new friends!

5. Stay Gwapo

Finally, don't slack off when it comes to taking care of yourself. Entering a relationship is no reason to start being sloppy in the looks department. Keep your hair neatly combed and styled, continue to work out, continue to dress fashionably, and keep the oily face and pimples away. She'll be happy that her man is making the effort to look good for her, and we're pretty sure she'd be happy to oblige.

Girls like to show off as well, and having a gwapo boyfriend is definitely one of those things she'll want to show off to all her single friends or those stuck with lazy boyfriends. Be the envy of other girls, and keep yourself looking gwapo all the time by maintaining a strict diet, fitness and personal care regimen.

The list is not exhaustive, but working on these 5 things will help your new relationship greatly. This Manifesto guide will showcase your maturity, responsibility and respect. Do away with all of her anxieties about you, and give the relationship a good shot at succeeding, bro!