Real Guys, Real Style and How They Discovered It

Real Guys, Real Style and How They Discovered It

Real Guys, Real Style and How They Discovered It

by Style Team
17 Apr 2017 | 03:04 PM


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In today’s world of hyper-curated Instagram feeds, everyone already knows that style is more than just fashion. It’s an image that we project onto the world, often aiding (or hampering) us along the path we’ve chosen. For us at Manifesto, looking good is not just about wearing clothes that fit well, it also means having energized skin and never looking haggard, so you’re ready to take on anything, even the matter of ever-elusive personal style. These men share their journey and what they picked up along the way to ace their respective personal styles.
“As they say, necessity is the mother of invention. When I was in college, I couldn’t buy all the clothes I wanted. So I’d get things oversize and just roll them up—sleeves, hems—and I still do this today. My style is inspired by Tokyo, Seoul and British street fashion. But I also tend to dress according to my mood—a hodgepodge of print and color one day, all neutrals and basics the next. I wear a lot of accessories and try to follow trends. My friends call it ‘eclectic.’  It’s very distinct and it gets me noticed, especially my accessories.”
Omar, 29, digital creative director
“The workplace is integral to the development of my personal style as it usually changes to reflect my interests and environment. Right now, I work in a bank, so most of my wardrobe consists of long-sleeved shirts and tailored pants. I want to be taken seriously, but still want to be seen as a creative person. So, I always make it a point to add a casual touch even to formal outfits, like the combination of a pique shirt and a suit.”
Yayay, 31, UX/UI lead designer
“I discovered my personal style out of pure laziness. I want to look good, presentable to clients and colleagues, without having to spend 30 minutes trying on clothes before I head out. My go-to ensemble is an oxford shirt, chinos and my trusty Jack Purcells—good thing it works for almost every occasion.”
Paolo, 24, entrepreneur, triathlete, and voice actor

“Since I was young, I’ve always wanted to stand out. Bright colors, short shorts and super skinny jeans were my thing. My friends called me ‘pauso,’ because I followed trends but I didn’t really care; I stuck with what I wanted to wear. My style developed after college when I started dating my [fashion and beauty editor] fiancée. As I grew older, it shifted to tailored neutrals—but the short shorts and skinny jeans stuck, and I still follow trends. I’d describe it as preppy with a twist. I always take note of the small details, most especially the fit. And I make sure to wear things differently, be it the way I fold my jeans, the color of my socks or the shape of my shirt with a square neckline.
Alec, 27, accounts director
“I could describe my style as reformed streetwear; as in, that of a guy who used to be all about streetwear and sneakers, but then had to grow up and embrace the real world. I've been consuming Hypebeast and Highsnobiety for more than 8 years now, so streetwear and sneakers will likely never leave me. But I try to adjust based on my age. I feel more comfortable in menswear-oriented looks now and inject accents of streetwear whenever possible.”
Miguel, 25, editorial assistant


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