Quiz: Do you have what it takes to win the woman of your dreams?

Quiz: Do you have what it takes to win the woman of your dreams?

Quiz: Do you have what it takes to win the woman of your dreams?

by Women Team
17 Apr 2017 | 07:04 PM


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Are you a champ or a chump? This quiz is designed to check if you truly have game. Answer each question truthfully to see if you’re ready to dive into (and conquer), the dating scene.
1.I would ask a girl out by saying…
a.“Hi! Are you free tonight? I got two tickets to this movie premiere and I was wondering if you could come.”
b.“Good morning! I know you’re busy but I’ll ask anyway. Do you want to have lunch or something? Or whatever.”
c.“Dinner. G?”
2. Chivalry is not dead. I open doors for girls, offer them my jacket when it’s too cold, and walk on the side of oncoming traffic when we’re crossing the street.
a.Yep, that’s me!
b.I do that sometimes. I think.
c.People actually do this?
3. I text my crush when…
a. I have something really interesting to say.
b. everyday to say good morning. I also send a text to see if she’s eaten lunch, then maybe a cheesy quote before I sleep.
c. when she texts me first. I’m cool like that.
4. At a date…
a.I always pay for everything and never let her commute.
b.I secretly hope she offers to pay for her meal.
c.I’ve been known to “forget” my wallet on occasion.

5. An ideal date for me is…
a.anywhere for as long as we can have a nice conversation.
b.a chick-flick. That’s what girls like, right?
c.game day when she watches me score in our office basketball league.
6. Your conversation prowess…
a.I can hold a decent conversation. I also have quite a few jokes up my sleeve.
b.I’m better on messaging apps than in real life.
c.I can talk about my childhood, my dreams, my recent promotion, my dog, my car…
7. My date night outfit is…
a.a neat collared shirt, a pair of jeans, and my cleanest pair of sneakers.
b.my trusty suit and tie.
c.whatever’s on top of my clean clothes pile.
8. On our drive home…
a.she comments on how well curated my playlist is.
b.I thought I was having a great conversation with her but it was only the British girl on my navigation app.
c.I showed her how I much I wanted to be in the last Fast and the Furious film.
9. The last thing I did for a girl was…
a.Surprise her with ice cream after she texted me that she was having a bad day.
b.Finish that office report her boss was asking her to submit the next day.
c.I really can’t remember.
If you answered mostly As: You, sir, deserve a salute! You are a master of the dating game. You are decisive when it counts but you are open to compromise. You are the quintessential gentleman, the kind girls would be proud to introduce to her parents. Any girl would be lucky to date you.
If you answered mostly Bs: You have a lot to work on. You’re nice, but too nice. Stop doing things by the book. Learn to take risks and trust your gut. Don’t be tentative and build your confidence. We’re sure you have your strengths so capitalize on them. Don’t worry, it’s not the end of the world for you. Just keep working on it!
If you answered mostly Cs: Dude. Really? You’re taking this “girls fall for bad boys” schtick too seriously. Sure you have a lot of dates lined up this week but will any of those develop into something more? Keep this up and your reputation will get the better of you. Clean up your act before it’s too late.


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