Haggard for the Holidays? Beat the Season’s Stress!

Haggard for the Holidays? Beat the Season’s Stress!

Haggard for the Holidays? Beat the Season’s Stress!

by Style Team
19 Dec 2016 | 03:12 PM


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As much as you love Christmas, you dread the stress that comes with it. With a long holiday vacay looming in the horizon, you have to put in more work than usual. To add to that, you also have to beat the traffic for all the Christmas parties that you have to go to. Before you sprout green fur, rest assured that you can still be saved from having a Grinch-y Christmas. Here are our workarounds for the most common stressful holiday situations:
Beating Close-to-Impossible Office Deadlines
Raise your hand if you’re one of the unfortunate many who have to work double time to finish everything before going off on a long holiday trip. The upside of rolling your sleeves up and diving headlong into work is you’ll finish before your vacay. The downside is, with all those sleepless nights and tired days, your output might suffer.
Workaround: Take time out to recharge. Yes, we know, you’re running out of days—even hours—to finish all those paperwork, but you simply can’t turn in sloppy work. Free up a day to pamper yourself; experts say that having a break can up your productivity and make you even more effective at work. We suggest going for a haircut. And not just a simple haircut, either, but one with the works: a shave, a massage, and even a complimentary beer.
Staying Stuck in Holiday Carmageddon
Everyone’s going to the mall for some last-minute shopping. Everybody’s heading to the most happening places for some holiday get-together. Roads get clogged up. Lines snake out from jam-packed parking lots. Yup, it’s Christmas season, all right.
Workaround: Unless you hole up at home, there’s really no avoiding this. So man up and prepare for the holiday carmaggedon. Stock up on munchies and bottled drinks and stow them in your car. Make a playlist of tunes, collect audiobooks, and save podcasts in your phone for the long drive ahead. Just be sure to connect your phone to your car radio before you drive—Philippine law prohibits drivers from fiddling with their phone while driving or even when stopped at a red light.

Standing in (a Long, Long) Line at the Cashier
It’s not enough that you beat the cranky mommy and panic-stricken tita to that action figure for your nephew, you have to stand in line for what feels like forever, too!
Workaround: While actually seeing, touching, and testing a product trumps everything, shopping online has its advantages. You may have to wait a few days for delivery, but at least you can shop minus the frantic crowd.
Looking Haggard, Stressed, Frazzled—You Name it
The holiday rush can take its toll, making your skin an ashy gray and bringing on wrinkles. Not only would looking haggard make you grimace at mirrors, it can also worry your boss and clients and make them think: Is this guy having a hard time with the project? Can’t he cope with work? Oh god, did we lose the account?
Workaround: Complement a good night’s rest and healthy diet with a good skincare routine. Get a face wash containing menthol and coffee bean extracts. The anti-oxidants from the coffee bean extracts would repair skin damage and the menthol would cool and invigorate the skin. Throw in a moisturizer with energizing vitamins to ward off wrinkles, and you have a winning combo to beat the season’s stress.


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