Dressing Up for Work in Time for the Holidays

Dressing Up for Work in Time for the Holidays

Dressing Up for Work in Time for the Holidays

by Style Team
16 Dec 2016 | 05:12 PM


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December isn’t just any month of the year. It’s that one month in the calendar that we’re pretty sure is all filled up by now with work deadlines and social gatherings alike. With a lot going on, we’re helping you out slash one thing off your to-do list for the day—holiday dressing for work!
So how does one dress up for work during this merry season, you ask? Read on for outfit ideas and tips on how to do holiday dressing. This way, you won’t be wasting any more time changing from your office outfit to suit the party that follows.
1.   The Modern Classic for a Formal Office Party

The classic suit and tie for a boardroom meeting is a staple for every man. Problem is, you can’t exactly take the same monochrome business look to the office holiday event. Our tip: play with colors and textures—say a burgundy or dark blue jacket for a change. This combination makes you look ready to have fun, yet still exude a stylish look.
2.   The Fun & Preppy for a Chill Night with the Bros

If you’re a preppy dude, throw on a sweater over a collared shirt. You can also add in cuff links for extra personality and a fancy flair.

To make this look work for a whole day at the office and drinks at the bar at night, make sure to steer clear of bright red and green, and don’t go overboard with accessories either. You wouldn’t want to look like a Christmas tree, after all. 

3.   The Holiday Leather for a Chill Night Out
The black leather jacket is like a woman’s little black dress–a must-have that’s easy to transform from a day look to a night look. No matter what, you’ll be looking confident and dapper!
There’s not much else that you need as this statement piece can instantly lift you up to cool guy status. To make it appropriate for the festivities, you can pair it with a red plaid shirt for a pop of color. Also, a reminder—leather jackets are on the thick side, so make sure you spritz on fragrance after you’ve worn this key piece.
4.   The Cozy Casual for a Holiday Date
Planning for date night during this season can get a bit stressful too, so it’s best to keep your outfit comfortable yet snazzy. How about a turtleneck paired with well-fitting jeans and a casual coat for a finishing touch. Who knows? It might just be the same night your girl plans to introduce you to her parents, and what better way to leave a good impression than to wear clothes that flatter you?
Dressing up for the holidays may be challenging for us dudes, but the Christmas is also the perfect time to express your style and individuality beyond the usual everyday office look. Don’t be afraid to experiment and wear pieces you normally wouldn’t wear. But most important of all, spritz on a fragrance that matches your personality before heading out, in order to complete your look. And remember to have fun, because it’s the most wonderful time of the year!



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