Beat the City Stress in These 4 Relaxing Places

Beat the City Stress in These 4 Relaxing Places

Beat the City Stress in These 4 Relaxing Places

by Culture Team
16 Dec 2016 | 05:12 PM


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Working long hours each day for five days a week (or even more) is no joke, especially in the city, where the time that’s supposedly spent for rest and relaxation gets lost in traffic. As a result, you’re consistently exposed to pollution, you get little to no sleep, and fast food’s become your go-to meal. It’s stressful without a doubt, especially when finding time for the things and people you love becomes overbearing at best.
With the hustle and bustle of city living, a quick escape from it all is definitely called for. Here are four places guaranteed to take away all your stress, in time for the holidays.
1. Calaguas Island
There is a reason why you commonly hear the sound of the ocean waves at a spa—it brings to mind a sense of tranquility. So why not spend your weekend at the beach and take in the real deal? Try visiting Calaguas Island in Camarines Norte—its powdery white sands, breathtaking landscapes, and crystal clear waters will surely wash your worries away.
Don’t expect a luxury getaway though! It’s pretty secluded and unspoiled, so be ready to really disconnect from the world (aka the Internet) for a while, and just enjoy your company and the beauty of your surroundings.
2. Sagada
Save for the long travel time, seeing the world above the sea of clouds is enough reason to go to Sagada. Located in Mountain Province, this town is perfect if you’re not that fond of the beach and would just want to literally cool down. Its chilly mountain air and laid-back atmosphere will give you just that.
But if you suddenly feel like you want some adventure, Sagada also has caves and falls you can explore and jump in. Don’t forget to visit Echo Valley—it’s a place where you can shout and scream all your problems away.  

3. The Farm at San Benito
If you don’t mind spending a little more than usual, then there is nothing better than taking a much-needed breather at a destination spa. Surrounded by the tropical forests of Batangas, The Farm at San Benito can offer you a sweet escape from the busy city life.
With services that are meant to heal and rejuvenate your body and soul, this premier resort has your fitness and wellness on top of mind. Treat yourself with a soothing massage, enroll in their stress management program, get moving at the gym, or indulge in scrumptious-yet-healthy cuisine—name it, they got it!
4. Mt. Pinatubo Crater Lake
Sometimes, taking time out doesn’t mean dozing off and getting pampered. It can also involve blood-pumping activities, especially for the adrenaline junkies out there. Only about two hours from the Metro, Pampanga has pretty much everything you can link to the word fun.
For one, you can de-stress with the amazing view of Mt. Pinatubo’s crater lake after a few hours of off-road ride and trekking. You may also go on a gastronomical adventure and savor delectable Kapampangan meals—it’s the Culinary Capital of the Philippines, after all. Wakeboarding and exciting outdoor activities, like roller coaster zip line and free falling, are available as well at Deca Wakeboard Park and SandBox Adventure Park, respectively.
When life in the city gets tough, don’t deprive yourself with the break that you deserve, and plan a weekend away from the pressure of urban living every once in a while. For the time being, here are ways on how you can cope and reduce your own levels of stress:
1.    Don’t be afraid of change. Shift your routine from time to time to avoid the feeling of being trapped in a monotonous life. Try a different workout, go to a new mall, or wear something that’s not usually your style. Trust us, this can work wonders.
2.    Start and end fresh. Don’t let the stress of work get into your appearance because looking haggard will only make you feel burdened twice as much. Wash your face in the morning and at night with a facial foam that has coffee bean extracts and cooling menthol. These ingredients will leave your skin clean and energized, giving it a healthy and active glow.
3.    Know when to pause. Sometimes, it can feel like you’re always rushing to get your work done, only to be given another task, another deadline. Take a little break and reward yourself with a good movie or a nice, real meal. It will refresh and refuel you so you can become more productive. 


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