Be the fit, happy, and confident man you’ve always dreamed to be!

Be the fit, happy, and confident man you’ve always dreamed to be!

Be the fit, happy, and confident man you’ve always dreamed to be!

by Style Team
18 Apr 2017 | 09:04 AM


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People never recognize how difficult it is for men to be confident. With the stereotype of alpha males in society, a lot of guys struggle with self-doubt and anxiety over how they act and relate to others, leading them to fail in showing their true prowess. Here are a few suggestions on how to overcome your fears and be the best man you can be!
1. Getting into the fitness mindset
Working out and getting fit can be a huge confidence boost for men. Not only will you feel the change by being able to do things like jogging without getting winded or hiking up a mountain, you’ll also get a huge psychological boost when you hear compliments people around you. Working out isn’t about getting an expensive gym membership or eating a fancy diet, it’s more about teaching yourself how to stay committed and working for a goal that isn’t beyond your reach.
2. Wearing the right size of clothes
One of the best parts about getting into shape is getting to buy clothes you never tried before from lack of confidence. Developing your own style sets you apart from other people without even having to actively try to get noticed. Clothes help you project your personality even before you interact with people. They can really help leave positive first impressions of you when meeting new people or presenting yourself as a “changed” man.
3. Getting a sleek haircut
In contrast to women who have tons of beauty products to boost their self-esteem, men only have a few options, so it wouldn’t make sense if we didn’t make use of all of them. Your hair is one of the first things people will notice about you so you have to make it look good without being overbearing. Invest some cash in a men’s salon that actually knows how to do hairstyling and will tailor hair to your own style and personality. Make sure to keep your hair strong and healthy by using good hair products that’ll give them enough nutrients to grow out properly. Don’t forget to take care of your facial hair too!

4. Taking care of your hygiene
Women don’t just say they want a man that’s mukhang mabango for no reason. In most people’s minds, your hygiene and how healthy you look correlates to how good your handle is on life. Looking good makes you look presentable and connotes a good work-life balance, as it shows that you are able to take care of yourself. So don’t be stingy about using different products to maintain your appearance.
5. Speaking up and learning
No one likes a person that has nothing to contribute to a conversation. After people are impressed at how well you put yourself together, they’ll want to see if what’s inside your head is just as impressive. Don’t be afraid to speak your mind because people get naturally more talkative when they’re talking about something they are passionate about. Be open to other’s opinion, but have your own strong stands about relevant events by staying in the loop with what’s happening all over the world in politics and pop culture.


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